Mar 24, 2020

problem with being a producer

A group of lawyers and music producers are working toward reforming the payment system. Modern albums come out fast. This catches producers by surprise. Once the music is released, it's difficult to get paid.

Great things get lost in the sauce. Royalties make up a lot of the money. Producers won't get paid royalties until the artists make back the costs and advances are paid back or met.

Major labels use third-party accounting systems. That doesn't help much for the producer. The only option is to follow up.

A solution is out of reach for young producers. The music industry's building blocks are being neglected.

To learn more, read the post from Rolling Stone: You Produced a Hit! Now Good Luck Being Paid

Mar 23, 2020

15 great double albums

Bold statements from artists. We get them from time to time. They are double albums.

Here is a link from about 15 great double albums.

More on the coronavirus:

Mar 12, 2020

suspension of large music events urged

Live Nation, AEG, CAA, WME, Paradigm and UTA have joined together to recommend a worldwide postponement of large live music events in March.

A growing number of film releases, including Fast & Furious 9, No Time to Die and A Quiet Place Part II, have also been postponed.

Here the link to the story on The Guardian: Urge Suspension of Music Events 

forging heavy metal

Ever take a trip back to find music that help define "heavy metal"? This can be a journey that gives us memories of our days gone by and a chance to discover music that we're not all that familiar with.

I came across a post on that has 20 heavy songs that may be on a playlist or two of yours. If not, you might consider adding them.

Here's the link to the post: 20 Heavy Songs Before Black Sabbath

Mar 7, 2020

wine: what to buy

There are thousands and thousands of wines on the market.

No wonder it’s so hard to know what to buy.

Shouldn't wine be easier to understand? Not really, thanks to a wealth of options.

Catch up with this story from Vox: How to learn more about wine.