Sep 24, 2014


Divinion is a progressive rock - metal band from Cedar Rapids/Iowa City. They frankly defy classification. There unique blend of metal, with what I'll dub classic rock, are blended together for a very unique sound that you won't forget.

Members are Tom Foraker - guitars, Jamie Lopata - drums, George Wood - vocals, and Gregory Apple - bass.

 Together they deliver the goods of strong leading edge musicianship. Tom's guitar riffs are sensational and George Wood has a unique voice that gives Divinion that something special we want to hear from every band we see. George is right at home on stage and probably would be in a Broadway musical too. He certainly has the strong voice for it.

Put the rhythm section of Gregory and Jamie in the mix and you have a sound that is very unique and amazing.

Their tune Insane Gesture is massive and crisp.

Catch Divinion when you can. They'll be performing at Missipi Brewing Company, 107 Iowa Ave. in Muscatine, IA on Friday the 26th. They along with special guest The Hong Kong Sleepover will warm folks up for Old Man's Curse. Show starts at 9:30 PM.

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