Feb 28, 2016

the press

Working with the press can be very beneficial to you business. Have the "press friendly" attitude. Keep in mind that one day in the future you'll need the press for earned media, generally in the form of press releases.


Working with the press will give you opportunities to create relationships that will help promote your business and brand. Reach out when you can help members of the press. Relationships with the press are two-way.


Be one where a press reporter can go to to get information. A resource. You'll be valuable. Keep up your reading on a variety of subjects. Write about them. Do your homework. Reach out to members of the press when you see a story that's on a topic you know about. The reporter may need another source for a follow-up article. If they received help from you, they'll turn to you when they need your help.

When you're there for the press, they'll be there for you. Working with the press is smart business.

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