May 26, 2016

don't lose sight

What drew you to music? For me it is a connection. I imagine it's a connection for a lot of us, to connect with other people, whether that's the musicians, audience members, and others connected to the "music thing" in general.

Music has been around for a long time. The first recovered piece of recorded music goes back to 800 BC. So music can be proven to have been with the human race during early expansions into new lands and territories. Where humans went, they brought along their music.

Music probably inspired people to explore and discover, to worship and love, to settle and conquer. 

Music is an exciting topic. For as long as it has been around, no one really understands why we love music. This topic has been studied and researched for three centuries. Researchers, scientists, and philosophers have tried to find a practical function for music. We have a variety of notions and ideas why we put music into our lives, but these are so varied that we often fail to "hit the nail on the head".

Researchers have yet to find a "music center" in the brain.

It's fascinating to contemplate and think about what the point of music actually is. It makes us feel good. It can make us feel bad. Either way, music elicits an emotional response in the listener.

Don't lose focus on the music connection. Keep the connection alive as a musician, an audience member, and a music industry associate. There comes a responsibility with the music focus. Automatically we know what that responsibility is.

Don't lose sight of what drew you to music in the first place.

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