Jan 6, 2018

video storytelling

Video is hot. There's not mistaking it. Video is an excellent way to tell a story. Some say it's the only way to tell a story. That's debatable, I know, but video requires everyone's attention. Even you are not into video yet, take a look at a few a day. This will give you a handle on what is going on.

One thing for sure: videos are watched. Another thing: videos are shared. 

Video stimulates the senses in ways written text does not. Research has shown that certain words stimulate our senses. With video, using these "word objects" in the videos really have an impact. Two words are "perfume" and "coffee". Well think of this...... producing a video where the storyteller is drinking a cup of coffee. You get the meaning.

Video done correctly, stimulates many areas of the brain. That's what you want. Stimulation generally garners a response. This is rolled into the field of neuroscience, a very important field. This science helps with understanding why video works so well.

Video is to a point where it can't be ignored. I personally don't use video...... yet. But I watch several and I study them to help with my ideas. The move to video is a process. My process is at the blueprint stage. I am drawing up the plan. 

Video is storytelling that informs and entertains. It also constructs new knowledge and develops critical learning skills. 

So draw up your plan. If you need help, I can aid you. At least study what video is doing in the marketing realm.

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