Sep 3, 2018

is excellent music a ridiculous notion?

Great albums were once routine, especially in the 1970's.

The album, long a mainstay of rock canon, is still with us. But, for how long? Seriously. Does anyone know. Does anyone care? The canon was once defined by albums. Are we at the end of an age?
Debbie Harry
With downloading and live streaming, the industry has changed. Has the product suffered as a result? Well, some artists have been moved out of the way. But really, which artists will stand another test of time? That remains to be seen. Don't be discouraged. We only enjoy and contribute what we experience. Perhaps there will be enough that experience great music to keep some of that music to the forefront. 

I hope albums still will be canon. That'd be something for us to measure, to take hold of. We'll see.

This post from theguardian was the inspiration for this post.

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