Nov 2, 2018

blake shelton tour

Blake Shelton is going on tour in 2019.

Blake's a busy man. This tour isn't a "big" tour, but he's going out. One surprising item in this is who he asked to join him. Well, it's John Anderson and The Bellamy Brothers. Can you say traditional?

What's going on? Blake's new album is traditional. He's gone back to his roots. Well, that's good. But, think about this.... do Blake's fan know these artists? That doesn't seem important now. John and the Bellamys will do just fine. 

Is there a shift going on for more classic artists in country? 

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s recent album Texoma Shore is pretty damn decent. Not great, but pretty decent. And the record saw Shelton turn a corner back towards the more traditional sound.

 He’s taking John Anderson and The Bellamy Brothers on tour in 2019, along with Lauren Alaina and Trace Adkins. Read the story from

Blake is staying his course.

John Anderson, Blake, and Howard and David Bellamy
Blake's tour info: vividseats

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