Apr 23, 2014

brand reality

Plenty of brands have been built without image ads.
 Reader's Digest comes to mind.

Brand Reality - Brand Presentation - Brand Building
Direct marketing is a better brand building tool than conventional brand image ads.
Focus on brand reality, because there is no substitute! Brand has power. Brand has status.
Make a brand to increase sales. A brand personality needs worked out!

Therefore, think of brands as people. Opinions are formed with information. Interaction creates more information. This creates more reality - brand reality.

This information creates a conversation for your brand. There is a message in the conversation and this conversation gets passed around. This word-of-mouth approach takes more time and is best in the long run. Your story, created by your customers, needs advertised.

Direct marketing by definition involves a company interacting with its customers. Direct marketing is a powerful brand building tool. Brands built this way really deliver.

Following a strategy which interacts with customers drives sales increases.

A marketer's concentration should focus on the reality of their brand and ways to communicate that attribute to the widest possible audience.

Direct marketing and brand reality are "peas and carrots" that create brand value.

Increase your sales (or following, friends, etc.) and boost your brand value with direct marketing.

Contact me at SwordFlameMedia to discuss a direct marketing strategy that develops a conversation, builds your brand, and increases your sales.

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