Apr 21, 2014


Mix the bowl. Blog for reflection, thought leadership, and sales. Blogging ties interests and objectives together.

First I blog content that is full of personality. The passion of the industry you're in comes to the forefront. This showcases you to those who have an interest too! Your voice in the conversation is heard. This moves you and your product forward.

You might feel as if you're doing the same thing over and over again. We all get that feeling - and that's ok. Just don't project that feeling to your audience.

Think of this.

 We aren't bored. Just in a daily routine. Others might wish to have our routine - think of that too.

I keep on topic - part of my routine - so your message remains fresh and vibrant. I'll create blog content for you. If you need that content often for your creative process, I'll write that into your blog posts. Trends, conversations, and information about you go into the blog. This gets you Social Media traction to establish your brand. Then we'll use it, share it, post it, and email it. I feel blogs are best used for outbound marketing efforts - not just for inbound marketing. I'll make your blog revolve and evolve!


With blogging, your voice is established, which helps your stature and develops your niche.

Two items come to mind:
  1. Search engine rankings become higher as your blog becomes indexed in Google and other search engines.
  2. As the same topics are written about multiple times, and are shared, your voice is developed.
Blogging needs to reflect the impact of your daily, creative influence. Yes, I wrote "daily", so you'll always have plenty of content - which can be re-purposed for future Social Media work. That way you create information - you create history.


Your blog becomes a catalog of information and therefore an asset of you, for you and your readers. I take an active role in your blog and blogging efforts to establish your online presence. Your voice is your voice. This endeavor creates your knowledge and insight in your industry and creates a better future.


Your blog is your message. I'll work with you to draw-up a marketing department and learn what topics are to absorbed into your organization. You too are involved in the blogging process. You'll make an impact on what marketing creates!

I'll help you go after the initiative to make goals, create, and work for innovation that's relevant to you and your audience. I'll develop sources to enhance the topics we'll promote. This has a greater impact on your career and your online showcase so you'll become an industry authority.

SwordFlameMedia takes you through the process step-by-step, allowing you to be involved in command decisions. Contact me for a content marketing plan and proposal.


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