Sep 10, 2014

american dog

I was fortunate enough to witness a great rock experience. The band is American Dog. And they do let it rip! I purchased their latest CD: Neanderthal and I was treated to some magnificent rock music.

Tesla and American Dog Tour

I was particularly impressed by their overall stage presence. There sound is unmistakeable as they rock the house. From the new CD, I really liked "Carnivore" and "Who's She Killin'". Good stage show songs that got the audience into it. Another one is "Sun Won't Shine" with an excellent slide guitar by Steve Theado. The title track, "Neanderthal" is catchy with a good hook that is powerful and the tune leads right into "Stuck in the Mud".

Overall a great show and I highly recommend seeing them.

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Michael Hannon

Steve Theado
Michael Harris - drums, Michael Bertelsen - SwordFlameMedia, and Michael Hannon - bass and lead vocals

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