Sep 28, 2014

divinion and old man's curse

The Missipi Brewing Company was the place for a phenomenal show from two very distinct bands.
Missipi Brewing Co. - 107 Iowa Ave. - Muscatine IA

Friday, September 26, 2014 Divinion from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Old Man's Curse from Muscatine showed exactly what they were made of. There was plenty of great rock music to go around for everyone.

Old Man's Curse is from Muscatine. They consist of Dave Smith - vocals, Mark Wagler - guitar, Steve Kisner - bass, and Sean Dorton - drums. They are fantastic. Their cover of The Doors' Break On Through (to the Other Side) was glorious. Their blend of songs was appealing and I highly recommend seeing them. Their musicianship is spectacular. You will not be disappointed.

Dave Smith

Steve Kisner
Mark Wagler
Sean Dorton

Divinion started it off with a presence that is electrifying and unique. With plenty of power and enough sophistication from vocalist George Wood, Divinion proves they are real and genuine with a new, fresh dose of songs. Their original music engrossed me and I'm very impressed with them.

Two songs I really liked are Insane Gesture and Relentless.

Relentless starts out with a rush of power and smoothly slows down to come back with that energy it started with. Tom Foraker's guitar took me through a winding road of monumental brilliance. Gregory Apple, the bassist, has the touch that you must see to appreciate. Jamie Lopata, on drums, has proved his skills with plenty of polish.

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