Jun 21, 2018

music ownership: what gives?

The CD business continues to plummet.

CD sales have fallen a whopping 80 percent in the last decade. Sales are about 89 million copies, compared with 450 million 10 years ago. 

What about downloads?

Well, they've gone down by 58 million since peaking in 2012. Bruce Springsteen releases his current boxed set exclusively on vinyl. We're looking at two formats: streaming and vinyl. CD sales are still robust in the country music format. 

Chris Stapleton

Older customers are driving the CD format. Will they still? Well, to a point. As older music enthusiasts build their libraries, will they keep adding to their collections? Artists, labels, and record stores have been preparing for the CD's demise for years. That's may be difficult for you to comprehend. It is for me.

Tech is driving music distribution. It has for years. What are we to do? I suppose we should start procuring the "stuff" to get up to date...… like a turntable.

End of Owning Music was the source for this post.

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