Jul 28, 2018

the power of music

I came across an article on Medium that interested me. I wish to share it with you.

It's from Sharone Houri. This article centers around why music touches us the way it does. 
 "What is behind the power of music?" 

 Music is irresistible. It dominates, but only certain people. Music can open the gate to the soul. Listening to music leaves an imprint. This triggers a deep emotional experience. This emotional experience is feeling. This feeling is not the music itself, but the experience it reminds us of. 
This entire experience can be described as:


I've found people like to know when older music came out and what impact it had in the music world. I can assume the song made an impact on them. The song speaks to the world and the world is full of people who long for nostalgia. 

Music reinforces what we long to remember.

Music has the capacity to imitate emotions. Temporal patterns in music mimic emotions. We place those "musical emotions" into life without really trying that hard. This just happens. We have the components to be influenced by music. Music has the power to shape our components of perception.

Pleasurable music activates a certain reward system within us.
We strive for meaning. That's a human condition. Some may take this a step further to say it is the human condition. Music is needed for the emotional connection. This connection allows us to explore our meaning and the meaning of so many items in this world. Music has power.

Source for this post: Why Is Music So Powerful?



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