Nov 22, 2016

twitter content

Social media content marketing is becoming more powerful.

Digital marketing is an ever-expanding field that is constantly becoming more and more rich with traffic and consumer mileage. Because social media is so powerful in this day and age, it’s becoming more and more important to stay extremely relevant on social media.

This means keeping your content current based on feature stories and industry news relevant at the time. When you respond to a trending topic with a source, you increase your chances of being found via Twitter searches. 

This kind of thinking should be applied to all your strategies in marketing, but especially those that deal with Twitter.


Twitter moves like lightning. As soon as someone finds out new information, they’ve got to comment on it. This kind of relevance is hard to achieve, but doable as long as you implement a strategy that keeps you on your Twitter toes. 

Look to your content. The content you post and share on Twitter should be focused on topics both relevant to you and your chosen audience. When you find your audience niche, it’s easy to post quality content that they care about.

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